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DevOps Weekly Review

Here is the what’s been happening while you were busy. These are the DevOps Stories that are getting the most shares and likes. A New Era of Containers | @CloudExpo #IoT #DevOps #Docker #Kubernetes | Java IoT In his keynote at 19th Cloud Expo, Sheng Liang, co-founder and CEO of Rancher Labs,  will discuss the technological advances and new business opportunities created by the rapid adoption of containers. With the success of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and various open source technologies used to build private clouds, cloud computing has become an essential component of IT strategy. However, users continue to face challenges in implementing clouds, as older technologies evolve and newer ones like Docker containers gain prominence. He’ll explore these challenges and how to address them, while considering how containers will influence the direction of cloud computing. road to DevOps: New best practices for the program manager The road to a true DevOps and an agile environment requires more than simply adopting new tools and processes. This is all part of an overall transformation that involves significant changes in culture; roles and responsibilities; team structure; tools and processes—with Program Management Officers (also called PMOs) being the primary change agents and drivers of this transformation. For example, the team should first adapt to better agile practices within their teams and get a broader perspective of the lifecycle. the Lure of an ‘Easy Button’ Installer Traps Projects – As preamble for this post, I wrote about the Unicorn Installer challenge. The challenge is that user needs are too deeply heterogeneous for good reasons to create a vertically integrated way (aka an “easy button”) that works for all users. The problem is not just current diversity, it’s also about how we cope with needed changes in the future that would force users to straddle configurations.

 Phoenix Project Simulation: The Ultimate DevOps Experience – Welcome To SogetiLabs, the research and innovation community of Sogeti. Over the last few years, there has been an explosion of interest in DevOps. To an extent,  this is being driven by the new social, local and mobile solutions all of which have gotten consumers used to higher and higher standards of innovation, speed, service and convenience. These heightened customer expectations together with the current competitive environment have made objectives like faster time to market, flexibility, security and higher service standards absolutely essential for most companies.
 Engineering Produces End-User Benefits | @DevOpsSummit #APM #DevOps #ContinuousDelivery | @DevOpsSummit We’ll now hear how JetBlue cultivated a DevOps model by including advanced performance feedback in the continuous integration process to enable greater customer and workforce productivity. We created some synthetic transactions and put them out there on a real device to see … how it impacts performance. This solution uses real devices to get the real user experience and to identify potential performance bottlenecks in a live production environment. : devops or Dev + Ops ? Quentin Adam – YouTube The goal is to give insight about architecture choices, arguments to promote projects and investments to the management, transitional vision and traditional IT integration. Starting with… to the essential organisation of the dev and ops communication, and how to interract with devops thing. 2 Cloud App Performance Enemies – Whenever you hear the words “the network’s slow today,” or, even worse, “the network’s down,” you know somebody miscalculated. It may have been the person who decided to buy the wrong hardware, or maybe the one who signed up the wrong telecom provider. Often, that slowdown or outage was the result of somebody underestimating server demand or overestimating the amount of redundancy built into the network setup. Express: How It Happened and Why We Did It | @DevOpsSummit #APM #DevOps #ContinuousDelivery | @DevOpsSummit For years now, I have witnessed needless work being performed across the DevOps industry.  No, not within our clients DevOps and continuous delivery practices.  I have seen it in the buyer’s journey – from the folks taking their first baby steps into DevOps to those organizations trying to master their craft.




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